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Monmouth Fair    June 13th through June 16th

Ossipee Valley Fair   July 11th through July 14th

Pittston Fair    July 25th through July 28th

Bangor State Fair   July 25th through August 3rd

Topsham Fair    August 6th through August 11th

Skowhegan State Fair  August 8th through August 17th

Union Fair  August 17th through August 24th

Maine Farm Days  August 21st through August 22nd

Acton Fair  August 22nd through August 25th

Windsor Fair  August 25th through September 2nd

Blue Hill Fair  August 29th through September 2nd

Clinton Lions Club Fair  September 5th through September 8th

Litchfield Fair  September 6th through September 8th

Oxford County Fair  September 11th through September 14th

Farmington Fair  September 15th through September 21st

Fryeburg Fair  September 29th through October 6th


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